White Watches for Men – A Signature of Sophistication
White Watches for Men – A Signature of Sophistication

People have had a fascination for watches ever since they were first invented. A little while ago I was talking to a friend about watches, and I confessed to him that I love pocket watches even though I don't own one myself. I couldn't help laughing when he said that back in the late 1800's and early 1900's pocket watches were the tablets of today, or the smart phones of today. Back then, everyone wanted a pocket watch, not least because it was to a great extent a symbol of wealth and class.

Today, we don't care too much for pocket watches, but wristwatches are of course another matter entirely. Some of us wear a watch only because we need to keep track of time, while others wear them only because it's a fashionable thing to do. Then you get those who wear their watches in order to show their wealth. Whatever your reason is for wearing the watch you do, it is widely believed that your choice of watch says something about you as a person.

What Your Watch Says about You

At a very basic level, your choice of watch can quickly reveal whether you are a collar and shirt sort of guy, or whether you are more of a hands-on type of guy doing physical work rather than office work. For example, your local bank manager's watch is almost certainly a lot different to the style of watch you would find most truckers wearing. Watch Trading Academy course

Don't forget, we are talking style here rather than brand. Brands are more indicative of wealth than they are of personality. After all, you get many wealthy businessmen wearing a top brand, but you also get other well paid people wearing the top brand simply because they can afford to.

Just for a minute try to imagine what sort of guys would be interested in white watches for men? Of course I can't be absolutely certain, but I would say most of them like to portray an element of sophistication; guys who like to see themselves as being sort of clean cut. I am guessing most of them will be in a professional position at work, or guys who work from home doing things like graphic design.

The Rise of White Watches

Today there are several watch makers offering white watches. Some are completely white, including their straps. Others will have a white casing and a white face, while others only have a white face. I personally think a white face coupled with a titanium casing looks very attractive and really classy as well. A perfect example would be the Bulovo Marine Star dual time watch.

In fact, Bulovo make many white watches for both men and women. Casio also offer a white version of many of their watches, especially in their Baby-G range and their G-Shock range. I also like a few of the white Citizen watches, to the point where I am even contemplating buying one despite the fact that I really don't need another watch.

I hope you haven't been thinking that white watches are only made by watch makers on the lower end of the watch making spectrum. Forget it, because I promise you, a top-end brand has got some of the most exquisite watches I have ever seen, and yes you have guessed right, they are white too.

If a genie popped out of a bottle right now and said I could have any watch I want, well, I would be forced to choose the Datejust II White Face - RX3. Now, as we all know, no genie is going to appear, so, if anyone can give me around $20,000, I would be very happy because I would be able to walk around bragging about my new watch. It's nice to dream, but now that I am awake again I will just keep relying on my faithful old Citizen.

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