Water As a Symbol of Scarcity

Water As a Symbol of Scarcity


Perhaps, you are aware of the scarcity of water problems in many parts of the world. It used to be when there was a drought it would come every 10 or 15 years on a normal climate cycle. This still happens, however there are more and more people vying for the same amount of water in most of the regions of the world. This is because our    renewable energy projects   population of human beings on the planet keeps increasing. There is no shortage of water in the world, but there is a shortage of fresh water.

After all, most of the water on our planet is in the oceans, and it is quite salty and we cannot drink it. We need fresh water; the kind of water that comes from lakes, rivers, underground sources, and rain. In Mexico City the mayor said to the people; “treat water as if it is a member of your family,” and although this may seem like a simple explanation for the people that live there, he is exactly correct. Mexico City is in a severe water crisis as we speak, but they are hardly alone.

In China they built the world’s largest dam; The Three Gorges Dam Project so that they can get water to their major cities. They had no choice and they realized the scarcity of water issues that they currently deal with, and how they will be exacerbated in the future. Now then, we already know that water is not scarce on the planet, only that fresh water is a challenge for us.

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