A Guide To The Latest DVD Releases

A Guide To The Latest DVD Releases

New movies are coming out on DVD all the time, and it’s often difficult to keep up with the avalanche of options. In case you’ve fallen behind, be sure to take a look at this list of some of the more recent films available on the home video market. From alien invasions   Séries Netflix    to talking bears, this article has something for the entire family.

How Do You Know – James L. Brooks wrote, produced, and directed this romantic comedy that unfortunately bombed at the box office. The plot centers around a love triangle between an MLB pitcher (Owen Wilson), an executive under investigation for criminal activity (Paul Rudd), and an Olympic softball player who’s just passed her 30th birthday (Reece Witherspoon). The leads are all likable, and the cast is bolstered by the presence of Jack Nicholson.

Meskada – A nail-biting crime thriller about a detective from a small town (Nick Stahl) trying to solve the murder of a boy whose mother wields great power and influence within the community. Meanwhile, relatives of the suspected killers rally around their kin. Examining the clannish nature of rural America and their suspicion of outsiders, the film is filled with economic and social commentary, as well as a number of fine performances from up-and-coming actors such as Grace Gummer, Michael Sirow, and Kellan Lutz.

Skyline – Directed by the Brothers Strause, this alien invasion picture follows a group of friends who are enjoying a birthday party in a Los Angeles condo. That’s when blue machines descend from the sky, emitting lights that immobilize anyone who sees them. As thousands of humans are harvested into machines for some sinister purpose, our band of heroes must attempt to stay alive and reach safety. Starring Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Donald Faison, and Brittany Daniel.

The Tourist – Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp journey to a number of European locations and show off their chemistry in this mixture of thriller, romance, and comedy. Jolie stars as Elise, a woman who boards a train, sits next to an American tourist named Frank (Depp), and makes everyone following her believe that he’s actually a wanted criminal named Alexander Pearce. Soon, Frank is being pursued by bloodthirsty crooks and the British government; he’s so smitten with Elise, however, that he never really seems to mind all the danger he finds himself in. Meanwhile, Elise’s true motives are slowly revealed in a series of twists

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