With the Revolutionary Advances of Technology, There Is No Escaping the Exposure to Advertising

With the Revolutionary Advances of Technology, There Is No Escaping the Exposure to Advertising  

Great for Business – but a breach of Privacy?

Marketing encompasses a large area of business, which brinks from product/service development and promotion, to actual consumption.

In today’s era selling a product or service could be considered more plausible than ever, this developed in parallel with technological advancements. After all, the digital revolution has   Conversational AI platform     evolved our exchanges of communication, thus the transfer of information has never been easier.

Classical marketing communication was predominantly dependent on print mediums. They covered only a specific area or zone, limiting the potential for exposure. In the contemporary digital age, communication has reached every corner of the world through various mediums of technology. Most of which is now considered a norm.

Exposure to advertising is everywhere you go.

Mobile Phone Usage for example, has majorly contributed to this colossal level of communication. Through the message system, various companies are promoting themselves and/or product information directly to YOU.

When was the last time you got a text message from Dominos Pizza? Or a message from David Lloyds Gym telling you that your local branch has got a “great deal” waiting for you?

And most of us don’t even mind. It is a more personal form of advertising, just as we were sick of receiving SPAM E-mails. But is this considered a breach of privacy for some?

I can’t even lie, Dominos Pizza sent myself a promotional SMS last week, and the Lord knows 26 minutes later – I was consuming a Large Pepperoni Passion.

They’ve got hold of Mobile Applications too: I play the occasional game on my smartphone, in fact I only have one game currently installed. No it is not Flappy Bird but Words With Friends, in which every time you make a move you are presented with an advert which lasts around 20 seconds before you can resume playing. Direct Marketing. Even if I don’t want to see it.

I have no choice.

Computers and Internet access have (pretty much) reached every household of the first world. Most of us can’t even imagine a smart-phone without internet access, let alone a computer or laptop. We are being advertised to every few seconds. You may not initially notice, but the consistency becomes frustrating, just like the person that messages you every time they see you ‘online’ on Whatsapp.

YouTube: Every time you load a video, whether it is a Music video or watching your mate Dave’s neck nomination, you’re almost always presented with an advert, that you struggle to skip.

Behaviour-based Internet Marketing: This is where it gets scary for some people.

Ever looked at some Hotels online? Then noticed that on Facebook, as you scroll down your ‘timeline’ you start seeing a series of adverts suggesting Hotels for you? How did they know?! Facebook, Amazon and Websites alike record your browsing habits. You are consistently contributing to Marketing Channels which triggers behaviour-based responsive advertising.

To quite quickly conclude, for Marketers we can see that with technological advancements, we have indeed been gifted with c processes which have introduced a large number of resources and utilities, enabling businesses to spearhead their marketing campaigns. The capability to analyse consumer demographics and the introduction of direct consumer outreach and behaviour based advertising is revolutionary. For consumers, it could act as an invasion of privacy and a nightmare, as one is truly never free from the somewhat Omnipresent grasp of the Marketing Campaign.

For Digital Marketing professionals alike, I have highlighted some of the tools which are often utilised by companies to aid in organisational outreach:

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