Natural Architecture

Natural Architecture

What is Organic Architecture?

The expression “Natural Architecture” was concocted by the extraordinary modeler, Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). An engineering thought which advances agreement between man-made structure and the nature around, through plan approach so  all around incorporated that the structures and environmental factors become some portion of a bound together and interrelated creation


Natural design tends to ecological worries as well as communicates distinction. As each building is identified with the factors like man, site and time so every subsequent structure is special and unrepeatable.

Starting point and Inspiration

Crude vernacular design was inherently natural, in light of common structures, structures and straightforward, nearby materials. The rectilinear, opposite type of engineering that came to rule the twentieth century was the impression of a modernly determined age. Anyway In the new thousand years the originators are arousing to another world roused by the imaginative powers of nature and natural creatures.

It was in the USA that natural engineering started its extraordinary current excursion when Architect Louis Sullivan portrayed his celebrated maxim that structure follows work – a key idea for natural plan. Plain Lloyd Wright would regularly pick locales near woods, rock developments, or even cascades and his structures would turn out to be a piece of nature. For Antoni Gaudí, Spanish engineer the straight line had a place with men and the bended line to God.


– The structure approach is motivated ordinarily and the constructed structure becomes out of the site, rising like a life form from the seed of the nature.

– It is outwardly lovely, radical in plan, multifaceted and astonishing, unmistakable yet adaptable and naturally cognizant.

– Organic design is supposed to be the mother of all engineering supportable or bio design, elective design or some other.

A few instances of this development are: Kaufman Residence ‘Falling Water’ (Pennsylvania), Sydney Opera House (Sydney), Casa Mila (Barcelona), Lotus Temple (New Delhi).


– A regard for normal materials (wood should look like wood)

– Blend into the environmental factors (a house should look some portion of the slope, not roosted on it)

– A legit articulation of the capacity of the structure (don’t make a bank resemble a Greek sanctuary).

Investigating Organic Architecture

New age, planners have taken the idea of natural structure higher than ever by utilizing more current materials and innovation in the utilization of regular shapes, cadence and piece to their structures. The reappearance of natural structure speaks to another opportunity of thought. This is influencing most fields of plan items, furniture, lighting, material structure, engineering, scene and inside plan. Progressively freed and creative structures, inadmissible to major corporate customers a couple of years back, are presently being supported and acknowledged.

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