Books to read on a lazy holiday afternoon

People say that reading is the best habit, and it is good for the brain as well. While it is essential to keep oneself updated with the latest news or various study materials that are available, it is equally important to read books of fiction for a relazation of mind or enjoyment. Here is a small list of books which you can consider reading on your holidays and have a great time:

1. The Notebook

This New York Times Best Seller is by author Nicholas Spark and tells the story of Noah and Allie. It is said that The Notebook is based on a true story and he came to know about it from his ex-wife Cathy. Allie and Noah were lovers who would part at one point of time only to be reunited later. She was suffering from Alzheimer�s disease, and the story unfolds with Noah narrating their story to Allie to make her remember their love. It is a gripping novel and will keep you hooked till you reach the end to find if Noah is finally successful in making Allie remember her past.

2. The Girl in Room 105

This best seller is by Chetan Bhagat, and it starts with a conversation which the author has with a passenger while flying from Hyderabad to Delhi. This story is narrated by the fellow passenger Keshav and about the incidents of his life till then. He talks about his dead girlfriend Zara who happens to be from another religion and the investigation that follows her death. It also unfolds various mysteries which are linked with Zara�s death and the story of the suspects. A thriller in the true sense, grab your copy immediately at a much cheaper rate using Noon coupon codes.

3. One Thousand and One Nights

It is a compilation of folk tales of the Middle East during the period of Islamic Golden Age and is also known as the Arabian Nights. Shunned by the betrayal of his unfaithful wife, a heartbroken emperor Shahryar decides to marry a virgin in series only to execute them the next morning. Then one day, Scheherazade, daughter of one of the king’s top advisors insists of marrying him. The plot mainly starts with Scheherazade and her cleverness to knit one story after another and make Shhahryar understand his mistake and to stop the merciless killings. This collection of short stories is a must-read and can be availed online at huge discounts using the Noon coupon codes.

The above-stated bestselling books will help you to come out of confusion as to what you should read for your holidays and will keep you hooked and busy for a considerable period of time.

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